Monday, May 10, 2010

Some Fun At Home....

Well... the kids think it's a great blessing to have lots of cupboards. I have so many now I can't fill all of them, so they found a little hide out.

I need my coffee in the morning..... LOL!

This is our sweet dog Sadie...
The kids love her and she's great with them.

Nothing like sidewalk chalk. By the time it was over with though, Christina almost looked like a Smurf. She decided to rub blue all over her face.

We raised the basket up to a full 10 feet and Ryan is doing great getting them in! Swish!

They love Saturdays... It means the ice cream man is coming!

Nothing like good 'ole Lincoln Logs!

I have teeth!

All personality!

How Snuggly!

Practicing his walking moves!