Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Meet Joshua Stephen and More!

We were blessed to have Joshua Stephen on June 9th, weighing in at 7lbs 7oz and 20 1/4 inches long. Ryan and Christina have both enjoyed their new brother. Christina gives him kisses on a regular basis, she has been very sweet to him. Ryan takes every opportunity he can to hold him and love on him also.

If you want to see his first pictures at the hospital you can visit Steve's blog at http://www.thefatherscall.blogspot.com/. He even has a cute video clip on there.

Sweet Big Sister!

Proud Big Brother!

Now This is the Life!

Life is Hard!

A Day at the Beach!

Safe from the Sun!

Cute Sandy Toes!

Christina enjoyed life away from the water!

Ryan was a little more adventurous!

Christina helped Daddy dig a hole.

So they could put Ryan in it!

Watch Out!

Getting ready to give kisses, how sweet!

Getting a little shade!

Oh, what a long day!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Silas Doing Well!!

We are praising the Lord to be able to give you such a wonderful update on Silas today. He has just gone through his second round of chemotherapy and is doing very well. He is doing better right now than he has done since January, which is prior to his diagnosis. He is not experiencing many of the side effects that they were sure for him to encounter. Ms. Karen has been administering a regimen of natural supplements to Silas to try and counteract the side effects and they are working. He is walking and talking like he hasn't done in months. After his first round of chemotherapy he could not walk when returning home, but he is now. He has been playing, laughing and having fun like he hasn't done in a long time. Before he was diagnosed he had gotten to a point of not wanting anything to do with anyone or even wanting anyone picking him up. We are sure due to his pain level. He has now returned to a fun loving little boy! Willingly giving out hugs and loves. We can't thank and praise the Lord enough for his wonderful grace and mercy at this time.

Ms. Karen, Paige and Silas are currently staying at the Ronald McDonald house just blocks from the hospital. They check in daily at the hospital for them to do the necessary tests on his blood counts, etc. If all continues well they will be able to come home for another period of time soon until his future treatments are necessary. We know that things can change rapidly and there is no telling what tomorrow may hold, but we thank you all for your continued prayers and support. The Lord has shown he is able and we are thankful.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ryan's Birthday

I figured I better get on here and put up some pictures of Ryan's birthday before the baby comes. Lord willing it will be any time. It feels like it anyway!

He was spoiled as usual. : ) These are just a few pictures. Hope you enjoy.

He got some new skates as you can see. Wait until you see him try and use them. : )

Nothing like a Deere. John Deere that is!

Now on to cake. I couldn't' pass up the little turtles. They were too cute.

And then Bro. Bob thought Ryan needed a little decoration himself. : )
Let's just say Ryan needs a little practice on his skates. I didn't go out with him for his first trial run. : ) I will definitely have to help him out a bit.